About Qeentu
Qeentu was started in febuary 2008 by Jim HD and was a page with random movies, books, sound books, and RSS an podcast maker with's was very bad, cheat codes, a little HTML help and a lot of random stuff only in Danish can be found here. But from the 1 june 2013 Qeentu did get a new page, where every one can see my projects and projects that i'm a part of.
News on Qeentu
29/07/2013: It's on the website now again. I'm going to make a mobile version of the website now. and maybe ad a new app to my cloud system.
24/05/2013: I'm going to make a page for only Danish speakers so they can see the old projects on danish.
Projects only in danish
The old Qeentu from 2008-2013 click Here to see it.
The old start page for you browser withs was on Qeentu, click Here to see it.
Movies and media 2010 on Bjergby - mygdal school click Here to see it.
Old Dead Projects

Qeentu Cloud:
This is a personaly Cloud system for showing movies and series, and for music and notes and pictures and so on. that you have the licens to.

Qeentu Coin:
To make the bitcoin easy to understand and to help people to find good bitcoin sites.

Qeentu's Proxy:
Surf the internet secure, fast, and easy.