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This was my religion (Jim HD) before i did became a 100% Wiccan. | Bujudia (Magic God) which i (Jim HD) have created is not a real religion, unless you believe in it. Bujudia is a belief which is built on other beliefs, and knowledge from around the world. bujudians belief in rebirth, pardis in heaven and in God And Goddess. Bujudia contain learning from Wicca and Christianity which is the entire foundation of this faith. bujudians are very happy Nature. And for the spiritual you is also a witch. However, there is differences between bujudians some do not believe in one or other. Bujudia is a very open religion which does not want you to sample wear a burka or pray ever single day. but it is a good idea to pray every day or just sometimes. As bujudias it is also good to learn about Wicca and the Bible in Christianity and all other religions as bujudia is a religion which one finds the truth in other religions it would therefore also say that a bujudians can believe in thinks another bujudians would never believe. in but this religion is probably most related to Wicca.