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Casper: The Friendly Ghost
9 min
IMDB: 6.9 | Qeentu Views: 46
Depressed by the antics of the other ghosts, Casper leaves home to make friends. After unintentionally scaring several potential pals, Casper befriends two young children. They take him ...
The Terror of Tiny Town
62 min
IMDB: 3.5 | Qeentu Views: 46
An evil gunslinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue
Fire Over England
92 min
IMDB: 6.6 | Qeentu Views: 46
Queen Elizabeth is running this show. The men in her court should be thinking about how to add to the glory of the Elizabethan Age and how to foil those pesky Spanish who got far too much ...
The Great Flamarion
78 min
IMDB: 6.6 | Qeentu Views: 46
Flamarion, expert marksman, is entertaining people in a show which features Connie, beautiful woman and her husband Al. Flamarion and Connie fall in love and decide to get rid of the ...
The Army Nurse
16 min
IMDB: N/A | Qeentu Views: 46
This short details the importance of U.S. Army Nurses and all of the hard work and compassion that they provide on a daily basis. The film also shows the many different conditions they have to deal with in and out of work during wartime.
Nurse Edith Cavell
108 min
IMDB: 6.5 | Qeentu Views: 46
English nurse Edith Cavell is matron in a small private hospital in German-occupied Brussels during WWI. When the son of a recently deceased patient escapes from a German prisoner-of-war ...
Reet, Petite, and Gone
67 min
IMDB: 5.8 | Qeentu Views: 46
Old-time musical star Schyler Jarvis, now wealthy, is dying; his last act is a visionary plan for the future happiness of his son, swing bandleader Louis Jarvis, and Honey Carter, daughter ...
Murder on Flight 502
97 min
IMDB: 5.2 | Qeentu Views: 46
Left in the lounge for first-class passengers, a letter warns of murders on Flight 502 -- and the warning is received a day early.
Southward Ho
58 min
IMDB: 7.0 | Qeentu Views: 46
In post Civil War Texas a former Union officer is the government`s chief law enforcement official and tax collector. Roy discovers that the man is also the head of an outlaw gang.
90 min
IMDB: 2.2 | Qeentu Views: 46
Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage.
18 min
IMDB: 7.7 | Qeentu Views: 46
A young couple who live next to each other in tenement apartments do everything they can to be together despite of their feuding families.
86 min
IMDB: 4.8 | Qeentu Views: 46
A Colorado ski resort is besieged by a sub-human beast that commits brutal murders on the slopes.
Dixie Jamboree
72 min
IMDB: 4.5 | Qeentu Views: 45
A medicine man on the last show boat on the Mississippi is mistaken by two gangsters as a bootleger, and has to envade them.
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
167 min
IMDB: 8.2 | Qeentu Views: 45
A film about the noted American linguist/political dissident and his warning about corporate media`s role in modern propaganda.
Chloe, Love Is Calling You
62 min
IMDB: 3.6 | Qeentu Views: 45
A black voodoo priestess comes out of the Louisians swamps to take revenge on the white plantation owner she believes killed her husband.
A Fantasy
2 min
IMDB: 6.9 | Qeentu Views: 45
The first all-animated film in history, a series of scenes without much narrative structure, but morphing into each other.
Mud and Sand
26 min
IMDB: 5.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
Rhubarb Vaselino lives in a small village, when he and his friend, Sapo, enter a bullfighting contest, Sapo dies, but Rhubarb kills three bulls and becomes a local hero earning money. Two ...
Loser`s End
59 min
IMDB: 4.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
Jack rides into trouble when he meets up with Bill Meeker and his outlaw gang. Rescued from the gang`s clutches by Don carlos, he joins forces with Carlos and with the help of Lolita who ...
Santa Fe Trail
110 min
IMDB: 6.3 | Qeentu Views: 45
In 1854, Jeb Stuart, George Custer and other graduates from West Point are posted to Kansas to help pacify the territory before railroad construction to Santa Fe can resume.
Rulers of the City
85 min
IMDB: 6.1 | Qeentu Views: 45
Tony, a mob loan collector, is dissatisfied with his station in life. Though he dreams of one day being rich, he is stuck with the dead-end job of beating up borrowers who fall behind in ...
The Hard Hombre
65 min
IMDB: 5.4 | Qeentu Views: 45
When Peaceful Patton goes to work at the Martini ranch he is mistaken for the notorious outlaw the Hard Hombre. This enables him to force the ranchers to divide up the water rights. But he ...
The Riverside Murder
64 min
IMDB: 6.0 | Qeentu Views: 45
A gentleman is shot dead in his study. The police come in to solve the crime. A young detective weaves his way through danger and an intricate set of clues to catch the killer. Watch for ...
Skull and Crown
56 min
IMDB: 5.6 | Qeentu Views: 45
Rin-Tin-Tin brings the killer of his mistress to justice.
The Bold Caballero
67 min
IMDB: 6.2 | Qeentu Views: 45
The Commandant is making life rough for the colonials in Spanish California. While trying to help, Zorro is charged with the murder of the new Governor, but in the end he triumphs over the evil Commandant.
Don Winslow of the Navy
237 min
IMDB: 6.7 | Qeentu Views: 45
US naval officer Don Winslow is given command of the islands near Pearl Harbor. He discovers that there is a ring of saboteurs and enemy agents who are trying to destroy ships carrying ...
Sappy Birthday
17 min
IMDB: 6.3 | Qeentu Views: 45
Andy Clyde wishes to go golfing but his wife and brother-in-law, Hector, are convinced that Andy needs to go on a picnic with them. Andy is not 100% in favor of this change in his plans and...
De brug
15 min
IMDB: 7.1 | Qeentu Views: 45
Close shots of a railway train underway: track racing underneath, steam escaping, cars coupling, gears ratchetting, signals changing. The train reaches a lift bridge which must rise to ...
Blood on the Sun
98 min
IMDB: 6.2 | Qeentu Views: 45
A dedicated American reporter in 1930s Japan is determined to expose that government`s plan for world domination.
Hitler--Dead or Alive
70 min
IMDB: 4.9 | Qeentu Views: 45
A team of ex-con bounty hunters go to Germany in search of Hitler. If they can find him, a million dollar reward is to be paid to them.
His Prehistoric Past
22 min
IMDB: 5.4 | Qeentu Views: 45
Charlie dreams he is in the stone age. There King Low-Brow rules a harem of wives. Charlie, in skins and a bowler, falls in love with the king`s favorite wife, Sum-Babee. During a hunting ...
The Phantom in the House
64 min
IMDB: 5.4 | Qeentu Views: 45
A man is blamed for a murder that was actually committed by his wife.
Felix Goes West
10 min
IMDB: 6.0 | Qeentu Views: 45
Felix gets into trouble with a tribe of Indians out west, and is chased by a bear.
Andy`s English Valet
30 min
IMDB: 7.5 | Qeentu Views: 45
When cultures clash, cars crash, and Andy`s home becomes his castle as he engages the employment of a bicycle-touring Englishman who must work off an unfortunately-earned debt.
65 min
IMDB: 6.2 | Qeentu Views: 45
Woman swears revenge against an Inspector who was responsible for her father`s death.
The Goddess
85 min
IMDB: 7.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
Street walker by night, devoted mother by day, a woman fights to get her young son an education amid criminal and social injustice in China.
Mabel`s Married Life
17 min
IMDB: 5.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
Accosted by a masher in the park and unable to motivate husband Charlie into taking action, Mabel gets him a boxing mannequin to sharpen his fighting skills.
Walk the Dark Street
73 min
IMDB: 5.0 | Qeentu Views: 45
A big-game hunter seeks revenge upon the Army officer whom he believes caused the death of his brother.
Last of the Warrens
60 min
IMDB: 6.1 | Qeentu Views: 45
Ted Warren returns from WW1 to find that everyone thinks he was dead. The culprit is Kent who intercepted his mail, rustled the Warren cattle, took over the Warren ranch, and is now after ...
Today I Hang
63 min
IMDB: 5.3 | Qeentu Views: 45
Henry Courtney, a wealthy importer is found murdered and the famous DeNormand necklace has been stolen. The false testimony of two witnesses, Rand and Hobbs, puts Jim O`Brien in the shadow ...
Billy the Kid Trapped
59 min
IMDB: 5.6 | Qeentu Views: 45
Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned.
The Goat
23 min
IMDB: 7.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
A series of adventures begins when an accident during photographing causes Buster to be mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil badguy.
The Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill
60 min
IMDB: 5.3 | Qeentu Views: 45
An elderly man leaves Wyoming to visit his daughter in a small Massachusetts town because, even though she didn`t say so, he believes she needs his help. When he gets there he discovers ...
63 min
IMDB: 5.8 | Qeentu Views: 45
An ex-con is murdered in Yellowstone National Park while a bank robber`s son is searching for the loot his father hid there 20 years before.
Wild Youth
73 min
IMDB: 5.1 | Qeentu Views: 45
Three teenage criminals break out of juvenile prison and head south to Mexico.
The Monster
3 min
IMDB: 6.4 | Qeentu Views: 45
An Egyptian prince has lost his beloved wife and he has sought a dervish who dwells at the base of the sphinx. The prince promises him a vast fortune if the dervish will only give him the ...
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